May 16

Subscribing to a Website/RSS Url

Once you have created an account with MultiPLX, adding websites and/or feed URLs should not take much time. This guide should help you get started with the process.

Basically there are two ways to add a subscription:

  1. Using the +PLX button
  2. Adding it manually via URL


Adding manually via URL

To add a website/feed URL, click on the +PLX blue button in top navigation bar.

In the modal dialog that opens, type in the URL in the box and click Submit. 

After a few moments, you should be viewing the latest entries from your favorite website.

Using the +PLX Button

To use the +PLX button, click on the +PLX blue button in top navigation bar. In the modal dialog that opens, look for the +PLX button. Drag (left-click and hold) on the button and take it to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Now to add content, just visit your website in the browser. Once there, just click the +PLX button icon from your browser’s bookmark bar. You would then be directed to MultiPLX website where you would be shown the latest entries from the website.


Hope this helps friends! For any questions visit our forums at

Signing up with MultiPLX

Many of you have been lately asking us as to how to sign-up for an account with MultiPLX. We thought we didn’t build a confusing workflow, but guess we were wrong.

The account creation process with MultiPLX is a simple 5 step process:

  1. To signup for, visit the site
  2. Click on the “Request Invitation” link in the top-left card

  3. Enter your email address in the modal popup.
  4. Enter any promo codes you may have in the modal popup. Promo codes help you receive invitation instantly without any wait.

  5. Click “Request Invitation”

That’s it. We will email you a confirmation email/invitation code as soon as you as we can. Once you have the invitation email, click on the link in the email, create a new password for your email address, and start adding your own websites/feeds to follow.

As a thanks for reading this article, you may use the promo code of “GOOGLEREADER" (without quotes) to gain instant access to MultiPLX website.

So friends, start PLXing now.

Apr 17

MultiPLX is the real Google Reader alternative.


MultiPLX, a visual  RSS Reader designed from ground-up to be as scalable and fast as Google Reader emerges from stealth mode.

WALNUT CREEK, CA – April 17, 2013

MultiPLX  a tech startup out of Walnut Creek, CA emerges from stealth mode as an alternative to closing Google Reader.

MultiPLX is a visual RSS Reader and works as a full web service, designed from ground-up to be as scalable and fast as Google Reader.

"Although there are many variants that are trying to imitate Google Reader at the moment, most of them are desktop clients or mobile apps that depend on Google Reader engine. MultiPLX is a full web based service with a back-end that can scale-up to serve millions of users, and billions of feed posts each day with a speed that is unmatched even in desktop clients.” said Emre Kosmaz founder of MultiPLX.

"The speed and scalability of  Google Reader is not something you can deliver overnight and we have been working on this project to be par with Google Reader for the last 8 months” he added.

MultiPLX already supports seamless migration from Google Reader with capability to import OPML files through Google Takeout.

MultiPLX is now in private beta and invite only mode and Google Reader users can use promotion code GOOGLEREADER to get their invitation e-mails right away.

About MultiPLX


MultiPLX wants to bring RSS technology back to mainstream, changing reading experience of the general population and how they stay up-to-date.

MultiPLX is a visual RSS Reader re-imagined to deliver everything people want to see in one convenient place. With MultiPLX we envision that one day even grandmas will start using RSS reader and get their "weekly Target ads" right on their tablet, instead of having to wait for the morning paper.

MultiPLX is developed by Kosmaz Technologies LLC. Founded in 2005, Kosmaz Technologies is privately held and based in Walnut Creek, CA.

Additional information on MultiPLX can be found at www.MultiPLX.comMedia Contact: Liz Kayacan –

We are live!