Aug 30

Our last release, rollback and more…

In the last 4 weeks, we haven’t pushed a major update to MultiPLX - this has been a general perception. During this time we made a lot of changes to our infrastructure. We added more servers, upgraded our database servers to latest version of the software to improve query performance, and also added more monitoring checks. We made our crawlers more robust and faster - crawling up to 5 times more feeds in any given time now.

Last week, on 25th Aug 2013, we also pushed a new build of MultiPLX web application live, bringing features like full SSL capability and better performance for our users. However, due to some incoming bug reports we had to roll back our release.

The release we pushed live brought in more features like AJAX based page refreshes, SSL, and many many bug fixes. Once the build was live, one of our users reported that he was able to see read items in his timeline, when his setting dictated otherwise. We tested it our end and found to be a genuine issue. Another issue we found was that in case of faster flipping of entries the number of unread items was getting corrupted. After deliberate discussions within our DEV team, we decided to rollback this release to not worsen the user experience.

The bugs are now fixed and tested thoroughly at our end - and our release train is ready. The train will make its stop on to the production servers early next week.

We also have decided to make more frequent releases with smaller number of features to bring them early to you.

Stay tuned!

Aug 02

MultiPLX Refreshed: Persistent sign-in, SPF, DKIM and more

We just rolled out a new release of MultiPLX that addresses the following issues:

  1. Added SPF records and DKIM signing to the verification emails to prevent them from reaching SPAM folders. Many users reported this problem specifically with users.

  2. Fixed a bug introduced in our last release, the prevented persistent signed-in sessions. Check the ‘Keep me signed-in’ box and your sessions would be maintained for up to 90 days. Session times extend as soon as you visit the site again.

  3. Fixed a bug where some feeds were being crawled slowly - these feeds that get updated often will now be polled up to 5x frequently.

  4. The most frequently updated feeds, are now being polled every 2 minutes to bring in the latest content as early as possible.

Thanks for your continued patronage. We look forward to making your stay at MultiPLX more pleasant with each passing day.

Jul 31

MultiPLX Refreshed: Bug fixes, July 2013

We just refreshed MultiPLX today, with loads of bug fixes, including the following:

  1. In case of long feed names, we would now show ellipsis with entire name on hover
  2. Fixed a small bug with computation of unread counts
  3. Your timelines are now upto 15% faster
  4. Improved the search indexing speed by up to 30% faster, search indexes now lag by a maximum of 5 minutes in real time.
  5. Display a spinning cursor, when sending email links for publicly shared folders
  6. Fixed a minor bug with viewing publicly shared folders in MultiPLX
  7. Updated the coming soon list with the latest laundry list.

As always, let us know if you see issues or have feedback for us by dropping us a mail at or visiting our forums at

Jul 28

MultiPLX Refreshed: Reading Trends

We are happy to announce the arrival of the Trends functionality to MultiPLX, more so for none of our top peers, Feedly, Digg or AOL has the support.

To view your own reading habits, on the time of the day, the day of week, or for that matter, your favorite feeds used to be the most sought after features of Google Reader. In continuation of the tradition, MultiPLX now offers to all its users, the ability to see what still keeps them hooked and what is stale for them.

This should help our users with their usual spring/winter cleaning sessions, when they want to leave the obscure content for something new and refreshing.

So go ahead and Enjoy!

Jul 26

MultiPLX Refreshed: Improvements and Fixes

We are glad to announce another refresh of MultiPLX today which brings in the following improvements and bug fixes:

1. Shared pages now work similar to feed pages with endless scroll and new item notifications.

2. Performance improvements to search index - your searches now run upto 25% faster.

3. All feed item pages now load faster as we added more caching layers to our code.

4. A modal window when open (when reading a particular entry) the background page will not scroll till the modal window is closed.

5. A rare bug in RSS feeds of public folders is fixed, that brought 0 entries on feed access.

6. A bug that caused the ‘Keep me signed-in’ setting to fail is fixed.

We hope the above improvements will help users adopt MultiPLX more easily, and make their experience a wonderful one.

As always, feel free to let us know of issues that you may want us to address including feature requests.

Jul 23

MultiPLX Refreshed: Search and URL Shortener

We are glad to announce the launch of two most interesting features on MultiPLX.


Missed liking/starring an entry that you saw the other day, and can’t find it now. The wait is over.

With today’s release we bring in the power of full text-search amongst all items in your inbox. The search results are presented in chronologically descending order and should help you find that post quick fast.

Note: We are still indexing (80% complete) the tens of millions of feed entries that you have subscribed to and thus, some results may not appear. 

URL Shortening

Fond of sharing articles with your friends and social circle, and find it hard to squeeze your thoughts into those limited characters. Well, from today you have a few more characters (at least 7) to jot while sharing. All links that you start sharing from today, will be automatically shortened using the new url shortener.


For all other features that you have put on the wishlist, stay tuned. We are burning the midnight oil, every single day to get them out to you, as fast as we can.

Spread the word!

Jul 02

MultiPLX in the news lately

This post gathers various links and comments that have put MultiPLX in the news lately (in no particular order).

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This is definitely not an exhaustive list of coverage, and for sure, does not cover non-English versions of the coverage (those are coming soon).

Hope you enjoy reading what people are saying about us!

Jul 01

Keyboard Love!

To all our users, on your request we are happy to announce that MultiPLX now supports whole lot of shortcuts for easier workflows and making your reading experience faster.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding many more keyboard shortcuts. Let us know, and we will make your cut get in there earlier.

Happy PLXing!

Jun 30

MultiPLX Features

I take this opportunity to let everyone know of all the features that MultiPLX supports. 

  1. Anonymous Home - you got to read something before signing than seeing our big logo and trying to find the sign-in button.
  2. Multiple layout views - cards, list and condensed list view
  3. Notifications - leave any reading page open and we will display the number of new items that are available
  4. +PLX button - use the button to automatically subscribe to the site’s feed without even opening
  5. Minimalist look option - hide the advanced bar if you don’t like it
  6. Mark all as read
  7. Mark post unread
  8. Customizable feed list pod location - support for pushing feed list to top or to the left
  9. Don’t show image thumbnails - for those who wan’t to conserve bandwidth
  10. Don’t show favicons - for those who prefer words than images
  11. Sharing options - you name it, we have it. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pocket and Buffer
  12. Share the post with your friends via Email - the traditional way to get conversation started.
  13. Option to hide read items from your view - see only what’s unread.
  14. Option to hide the sharing toolbar
  15. Responsive design - our site will work in all the browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) and on every device (desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets)
  16. Full Keyboard shortcuts - we know we lack here but just another week, we promise! [Update: 1 July] We now support whole lot of shortcuts.
  17. Full-text Search  [Update: 23 July] - full text search is now available to all users.
  18. URL Shortening  [Update: 23 July] - Want to share that article with your friends, have some extra space to weave your own thoughts

What is the point in saying that you support all Google Reader features, if you don’t allow users to flaunt what they are reading. Thus, we provide you the options of

  1. Folder Sharing - make them public
  2. Feed Clips - show them on your site/blog
  3. Blog Roll - show them on your site/blog
  4. RSS Feeds - let others follow your folder in their own choice of RSS readers
  5. Email the RSS link to your friends

We are big believers of data liberation - your data is yours and yours, forever. Period. The following features have been supported from day one.

  1. OPML export of your feed list
  2. JSON activity stream export of all your liked, starred and shared items

That’s not all. If you have been a fan of RSS, we allow you to import:

  1. entire OPML file - any number of feeds, not 200, not 500, even thousands if you have them
  2. starred/liked/shared items - again no limit, just import your JSON activity stream files and we will get it for you - thousands, hunreds of thousands or millions - we will import all of them.

Coming up are:

  1. Full text search
  2. Full-support for keyboard navigation
  3. iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  4. Android application
  5. Change sorting order

Let us know of what all other features you would wish to see. Checkout our UserVoice forums and keep your thoughts pouring in.

Jun 19

MultiPLX Refreshed!

Since, our alpha release in March and limited beta access in May this year – we are now happy and glad to announce the arrival of public beta of

We had been working hard to bring in an experience that is par at Google Reader and the speed of same. Also, we wanted to make sure that all feature requests from our UserVoice forums were addressed and ship them to you with the best quality.

With this release we introduce the following new features for all of you:

  1. Import all your previous starred, liked and shared items – if you are a Google Reader user and have taken a checkout of your current items, choose the Upload option from the Import/Export settings page to import all of them into your current timeline. Unlike others, we have no limits on the number of imported items.

  2. Public Folder Sharing – All folder can now be shared as public with their own public page – your friends can then add the same folder into their own timelines via the RSS links.

  3. Feed Clips & Blog Rolls – Feed clips and Blog rolls are two features that are the most sought after ones – Don’t let your website gadgets or blog widgets die out – just import your feeds into MultiPLX and let us take care of the rest. Update your site/blog’s web code and let the feed clips and blog roll live for ever.

  4. API Platform – We are also glad to introduce a complete API platform that is at par with current Google Reader APIs – just change the domain name of your current applications code to make it work with MultiPLX. Documentation and SDK coming very soon.

  5. Hide read items – select this option to remove items as you read them.

  6. Option to hide the sharing bar – select this option to hide the sharing items that are shown in the modal dialog.

  7. Added Pocket, and buffer as sharing options – you asked, we added them.

  8. Mark all as read – Click this button to mark all current items in the home view, folder view or the feed view as read.

  9. Advanced bottom bar – select this option to show the advanced bottom navigation bar that consists of various handy shortcuts.

  10. Mark as Unread item – Clicking this would mark an item unread.

The following bugs have also been taken care of:

  1. Performance issues – MultiPLX is now upto 10 times faster in various workflows. In the last two months our mean response time has been under 500 milliseconds with 99.99% uptime.

  2. Make the title clickable - In list view clicking on the post title was not working via the modal dialog.

  3. Many cross-browser UI issues - we now support even IE7.

  4. Responsive issues to make MultiPLX look on various devices.

On our feature list for the next few releases are the following items:

  1. Full SSL support
  2. Searching within your timelines
  3. Google Reader synchronization
  4. Social authentication
  5. More customization’s and sharing options
  6. Keyboard shortcuts

Going forth, we will be updating MultiPLX more than once a week to roll out smaller chunks of features and bug fixes.

Have fun folks,

MultiPLX Team